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The ulu (pronounce ooloo) is a special knife, invented centuries ago by the Inuit people of northern Alaska. 
Traditional ulus were made from bone or slate with a sharp edge for cutting.  The handles were made from ivory or bone often with carvings of animals or scenes from daily life.  Ulus came in a variety of sizes and wewe used for hunting, fishing, skinning, and filleting and even for sewing and cutting hair. 
Today's ulu blade is stainless steel; the handle can be made of wood, ivory, antler, or man-made composite.  In addition to the traditional uses, ulus are great for chopping vegetables, nuts, or herbs, dismembering a chicken, cutting cheese, or slicing pizza.

The picture is an example of one of my ulus.  Note the matching holder which sits conveniently on kitchen counter or island.  This one is made of Cherry and Wenge.  Typical woods that I use to make my ulus are Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Sapele, Leopardwood, and Zebrawood with contrasting accents.  I usually have 2 or more in stock, or I will gladly make you one to your specifications.  Please call or e-mail me for availability and to choose.



(L x W x H)

4" x 3" x 1 1/2"


Stainless steel blade.
Comfortable wood handle.
Matching holder.


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