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T & J Arts & Crafts is Tom and Jan Clark of Raleigh, North Carolina. Tom is the woodworker; Jan is the organizer and administrator. Tom is a retired Database Administrator; Jan was the Librarian in an elementary school.

Tom has been working with wood as an amateur woodworker, making simple furniture and "things for the house" since he and Jan were married nearly forty years ago. He was always interested in doing fine woodworking, but working, commuting, coaching youth soccer teams, and working backstage with his daughter's ballet school were priorities that took precedence. When he retired, however, that changed and he found that he had the time to pursue his woodworking interests, first as a hobby, and later at the urging of family and friends as a business.

Tom creates his wood objects from domestic and imported hardwoods using modern power tools and traditional hand tool techniques. He uses no stains or dyes on his creations, the colors are natural to the wood, enhanced but not changed by his finishes. Simple but elegant designs that are both beautiful and useful are his trademark. Fine craftsmanship, tight joints, and finishes that are beautiful, durable, and easily maintained are characteristic of his work. He is self-taught, constantly looking for new things to make and new methods to make them. He hopes someday to be able to produce flawless, museum-quality pieces for special customers for special occasions. Until then, he continues to improve his craft and artistry, with that goal in mind.


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